About Us

How are you feeling today?


Need a pick me up, a little lonely, need some fun, feeling a bit stupid? Try a sugar pill! No, not the placebo kind – the real deal street sweet of choice for the sweet-toothed adult. Forget natural vitamins or herbal remedies: head straight for the colourful shelf at the local shop (www.daily-dose.me) when you are feeling down, take two (or three or four) and skip calling the doctor in the morning. Daily Dose is here to give you your daily allowance of love, kisses, happiness and even a touch of cool.


Warning: Daily Dose does not solve allsorts of problems, and may be counter-intuitive if you have certain conditions or simply do not like the sweet stuff. Be careful of over indulging whilst working heavy machinery or driving as a mouth full of sweets can cause your cheeks to get full and rise leading to obscured vision due to cheeks covering eyes. That said, buy, eat and enjoy!

 You Daily Dose of Sweets, they are the answer no matter how you feel